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1999 until today Psychologist at the General Hospital of Nikaia-Piraeus “Agios Panteleimon and Agia Barbara”
1996 until 2016 private office as psychologist (psychotherapy for adults and couples)


- (Sofia 1993), Doctoral Diploma (Ph.D.)
- (1988), Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia


2020 Distance e-learning psychoeducation seminars in covid-19. Psychoeducation: Health and Welfare Professionals, Pandemic Mental Health: Challenges, Risks and Management.
1998 until today Training with supervision in psychodynamic approach (Larouni M. social worker-psychoanalyst, Kourias Gr. Psychiatrist- psychoanalyst, Soumaki E. child psychiatrist-psychoanalyst /Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Crete)
2016 Training at WAIS-IV GR (Cyprus Institute of Psychotherapy / official representative of MOTIVO PUBLISHING SA)
2012 Annual training psychoanalytical seminars in “Narcissism and adolescence” (D. Anastasopoulos, child psychiatrist-psychoanalyst)
2010 Annual psychoanalytical training seminars in Infant observation (University Child Psychiatry Clinic of Children#39;s Hospital "Agia Sofia"), with supervisor Layiou-Lignos, E., President of the Hellenic Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescents)
2007 Annual training program in support of children and adolescents dealing with grief and serious illness (By MERIMNA - a non-profit organization for children with life threatening experiences illness or death)
1992-1996 Four years training in systemic - family psychotherapeutic approach (By Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations, institute for Integrative Model of Systrmic Therapy, certified by European Family Association E.F.T.A).


2019 until today Running an intervention for mental empowerment and resilience in patients, nurses and doctors in covid-19 clinics in General Hospital of Nikaia-Riraeus “Agios Panteleimon – Agia Barbara”.
2006-2015 psychologist at the Neonate Intensive Care Unit of General Hospital of Nikaia-Piraeus “Agios Panteleimon”. (premature intervention in the mother-newborn baby relationship, parents΄ grouptherary, supportive intervention in mourning)
1999 until today Psychologist at the General Hospital of Nikaia-Piraeus “Agios Panteleimon”.
1996-2001 Organization and coordination a puppet theater therapeutic group for children and adolescence with Learning Disabilities ( private office, Nea Smirni-Athens)
1996-1999 Scientific Director of a Group with Volunteers against Cancer (Non-government organization since 1976 supporting patients with cancer) (training and supervision of volunteers)
1997-1999 Scientific Director in Panhellenic Association of Laryngectomy (a non-profit friends΄ organization for supporting patients who suffer with laryngeal cancer) (Group Therapy, training and supervision of volunteers)
1997-1998 Lecturer in the Training Program for Mental Health Professionals of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations on the topic: The Systemic Model in Learning
1996-1998 Instructor in three-years seminars for adolescents, in primary prevention of substance use (OKANA in collaboration with the Laboratory for the study of Human Relations)
1995-1996 Co-educator in the interdisciplinary seminar on the topic: Introduction to Systemic Thinking and Therapy (Laboratory for the study of Human Relations)
1980-1981 Supervision of deaf children (National Foundation for the Protection of the Deaf)

Presentations at Conferences

Athens, 2021 “Panhellenic training days of Primary Health Care - G. Papadakis", topic: psychological support of patients with covid-19 presentation)
Alexandropolis, May 2013 14th Panhellenic Conference on Psychological Research, topic: the trauma of prematurity and psychological intervention (presentation)
Athens, 2012 4th Panhellenic Congress of Neonatology, Topic: Loss and mourning process in Neonate Intensive Care Unit (Posted work) Athens, 2011 7th Panhellenic Child Psychiatric Conference, topic: Depression and Learning Disabilities: an analysis of comorbidity (Posted work)
Athens, 2010 3rd Panhellenic Congress of Neonatology, topic: prematurity: trauma in the early infant-mother relationship. Presentation of a clinical case (Posted work)
Stockholm, 2010 3 rd EFPP Workshop on Infant Observation. Neuroaffective development and early relationships as seen in infant΄ observations
Thessaloniki, 2009 15th Panhellenic Congress of Perinatal Medicine, topic: Model of psychological intervention in parents and newborns in Intensive Care Unit (Posted work)
May, 2001 2nd Panhellenic Conference on Systemic Therapy, topic: Quality of life and Systemic therapeutic Intervention (Posted work) Thessaloniki, 2001 1st Panhellenic Conference "Psychiatry in a General Hospital", topic: Application of family therapy in a case of a psychiatric patient in a General Hospital (Posted work)
Athens, May 1999 1st Panhellenic Conference of the Child Psychiatric Society of Greece, topic: Puppetry as a secondary factor in the treatment of Dyslexia, both linguistically and psychologically (Posted work)


1992 "Dyslexia and its effects on the psychological development of the child". Child and young parents Jan. 1992
1992 "Dyslexia and education". Nea Estia, May 1992.
2001 "Family therapy at an alcoholic spouse suffering with depression". Notebook of Psychiatry, No.73

Foreign Languages English, Bulgarian

Special knowledge P.C (word 2007, internet)


Stadiou 51, 11559, Athens, Greece


Hellenic Balint Society
VAT No: EL996911527

Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR 19 0172 0320 0050 3209 3826 792

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