Fragkos Nikolaos

Nikolaos Fragkos, Dr, MD, MSc

Nikolaos Fragkos, Dr, MD, MSc

Consultant Psychiatrist

MSc in Liaison Psychiatry

Balint Groups

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Leeds, Athens

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Dr Nikolaos Fragkos was born in Athens. He qualified from the Medical Faculty of University of Athens, Greece in 2005. Following the completion of his military service, Dr Fragkos was placed in rural regional health centre as medical practitioner in the context of his compulsory post-graduate training in medicine. Dr Fragkos worked as a Senior House officer in a private Mental Health Hospital in Athens until 2011, when he started working as a trainee in General Adult Psychiatry in General Hospital of Nikaea-Piraeus, Greece. In 2014, Dr Fragkos completed a Master in Liaison Psychiatry (MSc) at University of Athens with distinction, and at the beginning of 2015, he was appointed an honorary contract as Clinical Fellow at the Mother and Baby Unit (Inpatient Perinatal Mental Health Service) at the Mount Hospital in Leeds, UK. Dr Fragkos has joined the specialist register in General Adult Psychiatry in February 2016 and then moved to Leeds to continue his career in Psychiatry. Dr Fragkos joined the Community Mental Health Services (East Locality) of Leeds and worked for 4 years as Speciality Doctor. Since April 2020, Dr Fragkos has been working as Consultant Psychiatrist with Crisis Resolution and Intensive Support Service and provides senior medical input for the East locality of home base treatment team for working age adults.    

Dr Fragkos is Clinical Supervisor and Educational Supervisor for Foundation Doctors during their placement in General Adult Psychiatry. He is also a Clinical Supervisor and Trainer for Core and Higher trainees in Psychiatry.

Since 2017, he has been an invited external speaker in Post-Graduate Programme (MSc) in Addictology (Faculty of Medicine, University of Athens, Greece) and teaches the topic of Perinatal Addictions.

Dr Fragkos has participated as researcher in clinical observational studies and his main publications are on the psychiatric manifestations of Parkinson’s disease, the monitoring of antipsychotic treatment in pregnant patients with bipolar disorder, and the management of comorbidities of patients suffering from borderline personality disorder.

In 2019, Dr Fragkos participated in a continuous personal development event delivered by the Medical Psychotherapy department of his Trust, which was his first experience with Balint Groups. Since then, he has developed genuine interest in Balint Method, and participated as a co-leader in Balint Groups for Year 4 medical students at University of Leeds until the start of the pandemic. He is a member of the Hellenic Balint Group Society since 2022 and his aspiration is to gain further insight into Balint Method and to complete his training as Balint Group leader.


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