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Who can become member?

Application for membership and registration at the Hellenic Balint Society may be submitted by qualified doctors of all specialties and psychologists with additional training in psychotherapy and psychologist non-psychotherapists, medicine and psychology students, social workers, as well as other workers in ancillary health care and social professions with the annual payment of €50.00.

Students and people with disabilities have a reduction in the annual subscription of 50%.

Invite for Balint Group Leaders

The Hellenic Balint Society, pursuant to the European Standards, calls on Balint Group Leaders in Greece to register as members of the Society in order to comply with their local registration authority.

Their registration guarantees the recognition of their groups by Hellenic-Balint-Society; an important fact for those members of external groups who want to follow Balint Group Leader training by acquiring an internationally recognized certification.

Balint Group Leaders practicing outside of Greece should similarly comply with their local registration authority with the Balint Society of the country of employment.

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