The Company's objectives in detail
  1. The primary purpose of the Greek Balint Society is to promote, with the help of Balint Group work, the research and knowledge of the psychological aspects of the relationship between physician-patient, psychologist-patient and other healthcare and social workers, helping to promote the cooperation with the patient/client, by examining their relationship using the Balint method.
  2. The implementation of the Balint method, its further development and promotion, particularly in the context of healthcare and psychotherapy services.
  3. The introduction of Balint group work method into healthcare structures and in the training of healthcare faculty students to promote psychosomatic thinking and actions for the positive outcome of treatment.
  4. The promotion of scientific research into the development of Greek Balint groups.
  5. The training of people who will act as “Balint Group Leaders” and their supervision on the basis of the International Balint Federation standards.
  6. The support of doctoral training programs, and in particular of a program called “Primary Psychosomatic Care”, in which Balint groups play an essential part.
  7. The development of a criteria and data framework for the education and training certification of Greek Balint groups, corresponding to those set by the International Balint Federation, which individual Balint groups in Greece can use as reference

The ultimate goal is to support the training of Doctors in “Primary Psychosomatic Care”, which Balint Groups are an integral part of.

Achievement of Goals

To achieve its goals, the Hellenic Balint Society:

  1. Organizes educational conferences on a national scale where doctors, psychologists, medical and psychology students and other social workers can take part in order to complete their studies, acknowledged by the international criteria set by the Balint method.
  2. Establishes training program standards and “Balint Group Leader” standards and issues certificates of attendance upon completion of these programs.
  3. Supports and supervises the training of “Balint Group Leader” trainees by establishing criteria and leader certification standards.
  4. Organizes individual sessions (for instance: primary psychosomatic care seminars, workshops, etc.) with the prevalent feature being the unifying interconnection of various lectures using the small group technique of the typical Balint approach, issuing the relevant certificate of attendance.
  5. Collaborates with the International Balint Federation and other Balint Societies and exchange information concerning the training provided by the Society.
  6. Promotes and supports the research on the Balint method in cooperation with the country’s higher and other educational institutions and universities.
  7. Issues a newsletter and publishes brochures relevant to the Society’s topics and objectives.


In collaboration with recognized Balint Group Leaders with many years of experience and university professors of medicine and psychology, the Hellenic Balint Society is committed to covering this educational gap in our country by creating a framework of registered standards and certified training for Balint Group Leaders equivalent to those of other countries internationally.

In Greece, there have been individual attempts to promote the Balint groups without the relevant criteria framework for the quality control of the group leaders training. The Hellenic Balint Society, for the first time in Greece, comes to offer a basis with the criteria and standards in accordance to those set by the equivalent international Balint Societies.

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Hellenic Balint Society
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