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The HELLENIC BALINT SOCIETY organizes a large number of courses, symposia, seminars, lectures and workshops with a practical approach at a national level where physicians, psychologists, students and other social and health-care professionals can take part, make their experience or even complete their studies.

Published research in Medical Economics has pointed out that 44% of patients leave their doctor for reasons involving the doctor’s actions, attitude or words which disappointed patients and caused uncertainty which could not be expressed openly. This high rate reveals how many issues concerning the “contact” between the doctor and his patient evade doctors’ awareness.

The Balint method comes to bridge this gap, sensitize and broaden the physician’s perception, for his/her own benefit and the patient’s. Furthermore,  any knowledge about Psychosomatics made available,  in combination with the necessary training in Balint groups, is considered a quality criterion of the treatment being offered for each specialist.

For the patients, the concept of the “therapeutic relationship” involves a sense of security, which in itself should meet the need for understanding, trust, and accessibility expressed by the patient. Most patients treat their physician as someone who wishes to help, listens to their complaints, tries to inspire hope in them, who counsels them and prescribes medication or introduces a treatment, in an attempt to cure them. According to Michael Balint (1964), even the contact between patients and doctors may function as a ‘placebo’, just as the patient puts his trust in the ‘doctor’s hands’.

The sessions of Hellenic Balint Groups and courses on a topic constitute as scientific complementation of a study, are certified so that they can be credited for further medical and psychological training.


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