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  1. Registered members have a discount in all seminars, workshops, lessons, etc. of the Hellenic Balint Society.
  2. They have the opportunity to receive training as Balint Group Leader.
  3. In addition, they have free admission to the Balint-Journal three times a year.
  4. After completing the training of Balint Group Leaders, they are listed free of charge on our website in the Balint Group Leader’s list in their area, so that people interested in their services can communicate with them to participate in their group.
  5. Twice a year free participation in a supervision group.
  6. They can participate in events of the International Balint Federation, to which the Hellenic Balint Society is affiliated.
  7. Student members who take part in a fixed greek Balint group at the Hellenic Balint Society will be able to recognize part of their work in the Balint group leadership training team if they want to pursue this later.
  8. Regular members have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  9. Recognition of their work in the Society for specializations or retraining abroad.
Contact Details
Payment Details
Bank of Piraeus: Hellenic Balint Society
Acc. Num. : 503 209 382 6792
ΙΒΑΝ: GR19 0172 0320 0050 3209 3826 792
Membership for students is free of charge.
I hereby declare my membership in the Hellenic Balint Society and  i confirm the correctness of my information. The membership is perpetual and is settled with the contribution annually.

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